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Welcome to Melbourne Maxi Taxi


We look forward to being of maxi service..


It is more than another maxi taxi company!!!!!
Melbourne Maxi Taxi is the answer to all journey needs. We provide best services to make your journey more comfortable. Melbourne Maxi Taxi facilitates online bookings at any time, approximate to accurate prices and ensures guaranteed service.


 Dial 0469283466 numbers for quick and more convenient service!!!!!

Melbourne Maxi Taxi ensures for excellent service at all times. Expect something special when you travel with Melbourne Maxi Taxi. Your well-mannered uniformed driver will greet you, open and close car doors for you and ensure you arrive safely to your desired destination. Your driver can be wiling to going extra mile for your comfort and satisfaction.


Why Melbourne Maxi....?

  • Melbourne Maxi Taxi staff greets passengers at airports, seaports or train stations and anywhere within Australia.
  • Melbourne Maxi Taxi staff has no problem to carrying passenger’s luggage.
  • Melbourne Maxi Taxi drivers opens and closes car doors for passengers.
  • Melbourne Maxi Taxi facilitates perfect condition cars at all times.
  • Drivers of Melbourne Maxi Taxi have broad knowledge of the areas within Australia.
  • During dark especially at night, Melbourne Maxi Taxi ensures unaccompanied female passengers are safely in their homes before driving off.
  • Melbourne Maxi Taxi waits for passengers and remains there up to an hour for inbound international passengers to clear customs.
  • No smoking in or around the vehicle.
  • During your travelling,  Melbourne Maxi’ Taxi driver can offer you short stay (approximate 5 mins) for smoking.
  • Once booked, Melbourne Maxi Taxi reaches at the point of pickup 5 mins before required time.


Book your next Maxi Taxi with us! Text or call 0469 283 466 for enquires.



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