Traveling in Taxis during COVID19

Traveling in Taxis during COVID19

Traveling in Taxis during COVID19 is stressful but here are some way to avoid virus and staying safe.

Before making booking, Check with the taxi operator on phone about the condition of taxis. By listening to their confidence you will find out how serious they are about cleaning and sanitisation.

At Maxi Cabs Melbourne all our maxi cabs are cleaned regularly and sanitised after every passenger dropoff. We understand its a serious matter and we take it very seriously.

Maxi Cabs can generally accommodate upto 11 passengers but to maintain social distancing we try to keep the maximum number 6 currently. We are doing our bit in keeping it clean and virus free.

Maxi Cab Melbourne

The best of all, so many taxi companies are not available right now but we have so many cars on road and are always available. We are open 24/7 on the same numbers.

If you are looking to get a ride to airport. We have collaborated with another company called Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab. This company is a specialist company solely focusing on airport transfers on maxi cabs.

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Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne

Tulip Festival Melbourne

Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne is held in Silvan Victoria every year during spring time since 1954. It is also called as Tulip Festival. In Tulip Festival there are 120 varieties of tulips over a 55-acre farm. Historically speaking this tulip festival initiated by a dutch couple.

This year Tulip festival Melbourne is happening from 14th September to 13th October 2019. More than 900000 tulips are on display in the festival. Every weekend in Tulip festival is a special one. One of the weekend is Turkish weekend and next one is Dutch weekend and one after is Irish weekend. In  between the weekends there are weeks, which are sometimes classified as child week and next wine week. Every day of the festival is special and has some festivities.

Tulip Festival Melbourne
Tulip Festival Melbourne


Tesselaar Tulip Festival tickets cost $29 for adults, $25 for concession and all the children under 16 are free. Customers can buy tickets from here

Geting to Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne

The best way to get here is to enjoy the scenic drive through Dandenong Ranges to Tesselaar Flower farm. Maxi Cab Melbourne has lots of taxis going to the festival on a regular basis. The best of the drive is customers get to enjoy the scenery without worrying about the destination. All prices of taxis and maxi cabs to the festival are flat fees prices which works out to be lot cheaper than coming out on meter.

How to Book a taxi to Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Its very simple, You can call us on 0469 283 466 or Book Online now. We have special prices worked out for Tulip Festival.

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne? This is the question everyone  wants to find the answer for?

Lets dive straight in and make it very clear for all the customers who are interested in finding this out. The taxis we refer in this article are the taxis in our fleet.

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?
Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Positive points of Uber:

  1. Private Car

Lets elaborate these points a little:

  1. Mostly Cheap: Most of the time ubers are a little cheaper than taxis in Melbourne.
  2. Private Car: Most of the ubers are private cars of individuals driving them.

Positive points of Taxis in Melbourne:

  1. Extra Security
  2. More availability
  3. Price is stable/flat
  4. Experienced Drivers
  5. Easier for infants and Kids (Baby seat requirement)

Lets look into these points a little:

  1. Extra Security: Every single taxi in Melbourne is fitted with a camera. Having a camera means every single move of the customer is recorded. This works as a big positive point for drivers and passengers both.
  2. More availability: Ubers are less available in certain areas at certain times. I am not sure about someone else but from my personal experience, if I try to book an uber for a certain time in future of 30 mins. It just fails and never gives me any reason. This was the biggest point which turned me towards taxis again.
  3. Price is stable/flat: Uber is cheap but whenever surge happens in Uber, Same price jumps up twice or even more in Uber. However its not the case in taxis and the price stays the same.
  4. Experienced Drivers: Most of the drivers are experience hand and are professionals. Gone are the days when your taxi will be dirty or driver is looking shabby. Nowadays all the taxis are giving tough competition in regards to cleanliness. Most of the taxis in out fleet are Mercedes E class which doesn’t charge any extra money.
  5. Easier for infants and Kids (Baby seat requirement):

    In taxis:

    • children aged under 1 year must travel in the back seat, but do not have to use a child restraint
    • children aged 1 year and over must be in their own seat, with their own properly fastened seatbelt if there is no child restraint or booster seat available

    In Victoria, taxis do not have to provide child restraints or booster seats for customers. However, they must have at least one anchorage point if passengers want to bring their own child restraint.*

    However you cant travel in Uber without a baby/ car seat for infants.

    *Source: VicRoads Website

    Verdict: Its very clear and obvious that taxis are a much better choice than Ubers in Melbourne.

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How Taxi Service affect Melbourne Tourism?

Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport

Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport – One of the most common and unavoidable factors of people’s daily life is travelling from one place to another. You often have to travel to different places for your personal reasons or official reasons. Personal reasons may include a city tour or holiday. Most of the people prefer to travel to Melbourne to enjoy their holidays with family, friends and loved one. The city houses some outstanding tourist spots where one can spend some quality time. However, one of the important reasons why people prefer this city is the availability of taxi services.  There is no doubt that taxi services have greatly affected Melbourne tourism.

When Visiting Melbourne for a tour, visitors often find taxis one of the most convenient methods of moving around the city. They choose Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport that operates in Melbourne.  Modes of transportation like buses and trains never run according to your preferences and usually are overcrowded. You will not enjoy your tour. But taxi services offer you a hassle-free travel solution which attracts more and more tourists to this city.


Whey taxi services are the best medium of transport for the tour?


  •    Round the clock service–

While you are on the tour, you may need transport services frequently. That’s why Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport offers you 24/7-hour taxi services. You can book a taxi whenever you need and can call them any time of the day. The taxi will take you to your required destination from the airport.

  •    Professional drivers –

Taxi companies employ only professional and experienced, driver. They know about the city routes and different tourist places. With taxi service, there is no need to spend your time in identifying the routes to reach your destination.

  •    The cost that you can afford

Traveling around the city and visiting a different location can be very expensive. It can affect your holiday trip. But the lower cost of Melbourne taxi services has attracted people to visit the city. You can choose Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport which is considered the most affordable form of transportation in Melbourne.

  •    Flexible services

Public transportation is good, but sometimes it can ruin your mood because you may not find public transportation when you require it. But taxi services available in Melbourne are flexible. You can now travel wherever and whenever you want using the taxi services.

  •    A wide number of options:

When you choose Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you will get a range of vehicle options to choose from.  Pick the vehicle as per your requirement and comfort level. You can choose from standard passenger vehicles to luxury vehicles. It will make your journey more memorable.

  •    Saves a lot of time:

The taxi will arrive at your doorstep to pick you up in a few minutes after you place the call to taxi service provider. In the case of public transport, you will have to walk to a particular location and wait for the bus to arrive.

Taxi services offer a lot of features which make your trip or holiday comfortable. It has found that tourists prefer taxi services more than other transport mediums in Melbourne when they visit the city. So, the taxi service is an important factor in Melbourne tourism.Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

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