Hiring a Maxi Cab in Melbourne

Hiring a Maxi Cab in Melbourne

Planning a day trip with your family, friends, or meeting with colleagues for work? Hiring a maxi cab is always the best choice. With a maxi cab at your service, you can concentrate more on what is important to you rather than taking the stress of commuting in traffic and parking. Maxi Cab Melbourne is one of the leading and trusted names in Melbourne to go with. We care for you. That’s the reason we provide our customers with professional drivers in and around Melbourne.

We are licensed to carry up to 11 passengers and with the higher roof and larger leg space, a maxi cab is suitable for carrying large and bulky luggage, equipment, boxes, or music stuff.
At Maxi Cab Melbourne, we believe that it’s important for people to reach places on time. Punctuality is one of the things that we strictly follow.

Melbourne Maxi Cab

We employ drivers with a professional attitude and our maxi cabs are licensed to carry up to 11 people. Our drivers will help in loading and unloading your luggage, bags and other belongings you need help with.


We serve people with special needs in wheelchairs. Our drivers are trained and accredited in handling such customers for a safe ride home.

Booking maxi is done at fixed rates for the convenience of our customers to make sure that the customer knows exactly how much he will be paying and have no last-minute surprise. The fare is inclusive of all additional charges and fees so that you don’t have to pay anything in addition.
Maxi Cab Melbourne takes pride in being the most reliable and trustworthy maxi cab service in Melbourne.

So are you planning an outing for this weekend? Planning these long trips with family or friends can be tiresome especially if you are breaking your journey on the way for enjoyment. If you think cabs won’t be an option for such a trip then think again. With Maxi Cab Melbourne, we have a solution to this problem.

Visit our website or give us a call at 0469283466 to book your next ride with us!

Travel with a Maxi Cab: Everything You Need to Know

Travel with a Maxi Cab: Everything You Need to Know

Maxi Cab Melbourne provides luxury assistance with specialized drop-off as well as pick-up service. Our vehicles can conveniently accommodate huge groups of travelers. So no matter if you are preparing for a journey to Melbourne or going airport from home or any other destination, hiring our professional maxi cab service is the best choice.

Our professional maxi cab drivers ensure that you have a fantastic ride. Likely the absolute best decision when going to an airport. The cab drivers are all well trained, ensuring the safe transit of the travelers, whether you are going on an outing to long or short distances. We offer drop-offs just as pick-ups at exciting deals.

Book maxi cab

The fact isn’t startling that the cab benefits in the Melbourne area are related to the ideal maxi cab service provider just as you are guaranteed to have a comfortable ride frequently. Even in the case of the payments part, you can promptly pay with cash, cheques, or online payments.

You can discover other tremendous armadas during your trip to and from your destination. Feel extraordinary while enjoying your hassle-free transit just as quoted by us while booking.

When you avail of our maxi cab service, there will surely be no issue as you are guaranteed to get a straight, safe, and hassle-free ride by us. The drivers are highly skilled and experienced. They are trained for giving excellent service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

As it is obvious that there are numerous options available for you when you need to travel with maxi cab services in Melbourne. We recommend choosing Maxi Cab Melbourne, as our drivers are very polite and subsequently provide the best maxi cab service in Melbourne.


Maxi Cab Service – Benefits

Benefits of Using Maxi Cab Service

Perhaps the weather is not too good and you need a maxi cab service. Perhaps you weren’t in time for your carpool, or you may have a business meeting downtown and it’s difficult to find a decent parking place. You may even find that you would prefer not to leave your car at the airport. All these are typical reasons for you to require the services available.

Maxi cabs provide clean fast and dependable curb-to-curb transportation. They are operated by qualified, professionally trained drivers. This service is regulated by the transport department and operates according to standards and strict codes of conduct. These cabs provide 24-hour services to all those in need thereof.

Maxi Cab service

It’s very difficult to wait on the road waiting for your cab to arrive. A pre-booked cab can save you from waiting in line and arrive at your destination timely. The maxi cabs are clean and well maintained.

Drivers are licensed by the government. They need to pass a test and also checked to see for any criminal backgrounds or bad behavior. All the measures are taken to ensure a proper transportation service.

Small groups of passengers make use of this economical means of transport. The majority of vehicles can accommodate up to four passengers, so it’s easy to ride as a group. Fares are measured by a meter, so it’s easier to travel with a friend, and share the costs involved. Rates are presented in the cab and easy to see. Drivers stick to the fees displayed, and the passenger is also able to see the meter at all times.

Once you have informed the driver of your destination, the meter starts rolling. It then stops at the final destination. The initial charge appears when the meter is turned on. Each fraction of a mile is charged for by the driver. If you require the driver to wait, the waiting time begins. There is usually a fee for more than one passenger, and children under 5 years of age travel for free when accompanied by an adult.

When you book a maxi cab, the driver is waiting for you at your destination and also assists you to load suitcases and board the cab.

Are you looking to find out more about maxi cab in Melbourne? If yes, then visit the Maxi Cab Melbourne website to find out detailed information about maxi cabs.


What is the cheapest taxi service in Melbourne Australia?

What is the cheapest taxi service in Melbourne Australia?

Cheapest taxi service doesn’t always mean the best taxi service. In Melbourne Victoria nowadays, we have almost 100 odd taxi companies and finding the best one is the hardest task.

Most of the time cheapest taxi service doesn’t mean the best and best doesn’t mean the cheapest.

Maxi Melbourne proud itself in being the best  taxi service in Melbourne. We have a large fleet of vehicles. In our fleet, we have taxis, maxi cabs, 7 seat vans, Mercedes Vans, Buses and wheelchair accessible taxis.

Cheapest Taxi Service
Maxi Cab Melbourne

Maxi Cab Melbourne has 2 types of maxi cabs. First type of maxi cabs are the taxi and maxi cab taxis which are wheelchair fitted and can fit sometimes 1 and sometimes 2 wheelchairs. Second type of maxi cabs are special airport cabs which has no wheelchair ramps but are very spacious and can easily fit 8 adults and 16 medium size suitcases.

At Maxi Cab Melbourne, we have maxi cabs with 10 seats and 11 seats. Most of the companies in Melbourne only have 10 seats but Maxi Melbourne has a large range of 11 seat cabs.

Cheapest Taxi service doesn’t always means sacrificing the quality. Most of the services offered by us are pretty cheap but some services might not be cheap but our services are customized according to customer needs.

Maxi Cab Melbourne has the cheapest taxi service and most of the time when its not  the cheapest. It might not be cheap sometimes but it all depends on the location and time and place but est assured it will be the best taxi service customers will receive.

Maxi Cab Melbourne also has airport cab service known as Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab

Call 0469 283 466 or book your maxi cab now

Traveling in Taxis during COVID19

Traveling in Taxis during COVID19

Traveling in Taxis during COVID19 is stressful but here are some way to avoid virus and staying safe.

Before making booking, Check with the taxi operator on phone about the condition of taxis. By listening to their confidence you will find out how serious they are about cleaning and sanitisation.

At Maxi Cabs Melbourne all our maxi cabs are cleaned regularly and sanitised after every passenger dropoff. We understand its a serious matter and we take it very seriously.

Maxi Cabs can generally accommodate upto 11 passengers but to maintain social distancing we try to keep the maximum number 6 currently. We are doing our bit in keeping it clean and virus free.

Traveling in Taxis during COVID19
Traveling in Taxis during COVID19 – Maxi Cab Melbourne

The best of all, so many taxi companies are not available right now but we have so many cars on road and are always available. We are open 24/7 on the same numbers.

If you are looking to get a ride to airport. We have collaborated with another company called Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab. This company is a specialist company solely focusing on airport transfers on maxi cabs.

Give us a call on 0469 283 466 or Book online now.

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne? This is the question everyone  wants to find the answer for?

Lets dive straight in and make it very clear for all the customers who are interested in finding this out. The taxis we refer in this article are the taxis in our fleet.

Is Uber better than taxis in melbourne
Is Uber better than taxis in melbourne

Positive points of Uber:

  1. Mostly Cheap but with a catch
  2. Private Car

Lets elaborate these points a little:

  1. Mostly Cheap: Most of the time ubers are a little cheaper than taxis in Melbourne but surge can happen anytime to anyone.
  2. Private Car: Most of the ubers are private cars of individuals driving them.

Positive points of Taxis in Melbourne:

  1. Extra Security
  2. More availability
  3. Price is stable/flat
  4. Experienced Drivers
  5. Easier for infants and Kids (Baby seat requirement)

Lets look into these points a little:

  1. Extra Security: Every single taxi in Melbourne is fitted with a camera. Having a camera means every single move of the customer is recorded. This works as a big positive point for drivers and passengers both.
  2. More availability: Ubers are less available in certain areas at certain times. I am not sure about someone else but from my personal experience, if I try to book an uber for a certain time in future of 30 mins. It just fails and never gives me any reason. This was the biggest point which turned me towards taxis again.
  3. Price is stable/flat: Uber is cheap but whenever surge happens in Uber, Same price jumps up twice or even more in Uber. However its not the case in taxis and the price stays the same.
  4. Experienced Drivers: Most of the drivers are experience hand and are professionals. Gone are the days when your taxi will be dirty or driver is looking shabby. Nowadays all the taxis are giving tough competition in regards to cleanliness. Most of the taxis in out fleet are Mercedes E class which doesn’t charge any extra money.
  5. Easier for infants and Kids (Baby seat requirement):

    In taxis:

    • children aged under 1 year must travel in the back seat, but do not have to use a child restraint
    • children aged 1 year and over must be in their own seat, with their own properly fastened seatbelt if there is no child restraint or booster seat available

    In Victoria, taxis do not have to provide child restraints or booster seats for customers. However, they must have at least one anchorage point if passengers want to bring their own child restraint.*

    However you can not travel in Uber without a baby/ car seat for infants.

    *Source: VicRoads Website


    Lets elaborate fares issue a bit more.

    Most of the time uber app shows a cheaper fare but the biggest problem our regular customers who has tried Uber tell us is that, tsurge could happen anytime which means they had to pay double the price of what they should have paid on a ordinary day or which was displayed on the app.

    Whereas with Maxi Cab Melbourne using their maxi cab, this is not the case. If you pick the fixed price option provided by maxi cab melbourne. The price will never change regardless of the time, day, distance or traffic.

    People Mover Vans or Maxi Cabs

    Uber doesnt have a people mover option which means if you are more than 5 passengers travelling to airport, you will have to hire 2 ubers however with Maxi cab Melbourne, Our maxi cabs are all 10 – 11 seaters and a plenty of room for luggage.

    At Maxi Cab Melbourne, we even have special airport service which is an 12 seater van which can carry upto 11 passengers. Maxi cab works out to be lot cheaper than uber almost all the time.

    Wheechair Accessible Taxi (WAT)

    At Maxi Cab Melbourne, Most of our maxi cab are fitted with wheelchair ramps, which means we can take upto 6 passengers, luggage and a wheelchair in a maxi van. The best part is all of our drivers are wheelchair accessible taxi certified.

    Verdict: Its very clear and obvious that taxis are a much better choice than Ubers in Melbourne.

    Call Maxi Cab Melbourne now on 0469 283 466 or Book Online now.

How Taxi Service affect Melbourne Tourism?

Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport

Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport – One of the most common and unavoidable factors of people’s daily life is travelling from one place to another. You often have to travel to different places for your personal reasons or official reasons. Personal reasons may include a city tour or holiday. Most of the people prefer to travel to Melbourne to enjoy their holidays with family, friends and loved one. The city houses some outstanding tourist spots where one can spend some quality time. However, one of the important reasons why people prefer this city is the availability of taxi services.  There is no doubt that taxi services have greatly affected Melbourne tourism.

When Visiting Melbourne for a tour, visitors often find taxis one of the most convenient methods of moving around the city. They choose Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport that operates in Melbourne.  Modes of transportation like buses and trains never run according to your preferences and usually are overcrowded. You will not enjoy your tour. But taxi services offer you a hassle-free travel solution which attracts more and more tourists to this city.

Why taxi services are the best medium of transport for the tour?

  •    Round the clock service–

While you are on the tour, you may need transport services frequently. That’s why Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport offers you 24/7-hour taxi services. You can book a taxi whenever you need and can call them any time of the day. The taxi will take you to your required destination from the airport.

  •    Professional drivers –

Taxi companies employ only professional and experienced, driver. They know about the city routes and different tourist places. With taxi service, there is no need to spend your time in identifying the routes to reach your destination.

  •    The cost that you can afford

Traveling around the city and visiting a different location can be very expensive. It can affect your holiday trip. But the lower cost of Melbourne taxi services has attracted people to visit the city. You can choose Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport which is considered the most affordable form of transportation in Melbourne.

  •    Flexible services

Public transportation is good, but sometimes it can ruin your mood because you may not find public transportation when you require it. But taxi services available in Melbourne are flexible. You can now travel wherever and whenever you want using the taxi services.

  •    A wide number of options:

When you choose Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you will get a range of vehicle options to choose from.  Pick the vehicle as per your requirement and comfort level. You can choose from standard passenger vehicles to luxury vehicles. It will make your journey more memorable.

  •    Saves a lot of time:

The taxi will arrive at your doorstep to pick you up in a few minutes after you place the call to taxi service provider. In the case of public transport, you will have to walk to a particular location and wait for the bus to arrive.

Taxi services offer a lot of features which make your trip or holiday comfortable. It has found that tourists prefer taxi services more than other transport mediums in Melbourne when they visit the city. So, the taxi service is an important factor in Melbourne tourism.Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

Why wait?

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