What is a maxi cab ?

Maxi cab is taxi van with lots of luggage space. Most of the maxi cabs in Melbourne are big vans with lots of luggage.

How many people can maxi cab take ?

Maxi Cab in Melbourne can take 10-11 passengers.

How much is a Maxi Cab Melbourne?

Maxi Cab Melbourne costs $15-$20 more than normal sedan taxi.

How do i get a maxi cab  from Melbourne airport?

There are few ways to get a maxi cab.
First is to go and stand at the taxi rank. This could be very time consuming and lot of surprises there.
Second is to Pre-Book a maxi cab  by filling the form on our website or call us +61469 283 466, Our driver waits for customer at the airport and there is not extra charge for flight delays.

Can you sit in front of taxi ?

Yes, Customers can sit in front of taxi in Melbourne.

Should I wear a mask in a taxi in Melbourne?

Masks are no longer mandatory in taxis or ride share cars in Melbourne

Do taxi passengers have to wear seat belts?

Yes, All the passengers in taxi have to wear a seat belt in Melbourne

What is the tipping culture in Australia?

Tips are not mandatory like many other countries but they are highly appreciated.

How much is a good tip in Melbourne?

15% to 20%

How much is a taxi fare from Melbourne Airport to City?

It costs roughly around $65 to 70 dollars for a sedan taxi and 85 to 95 dollars for a maxi cab

Is maxi cab same as taxi van or a large taxi in Melbourne?

Maxi cab is also called a large taxi or taxi van in Australia.

Do taxi drivers take the long way in Melbourne?

Since most of our jobs are on set fare. Our drivers are in rush to find the fastest way possible to drop you. Delay only means they will take some time to get to their next job

Can I pre-book a maxi cab for Melbourne Airport?

With Maxi Melbourne, You can pre-book a maxi cab or sedan taxi up to 365 days in advance.

Is Skybus better than maxi cab?

Skybus cost $19.95 per passenger and if you are 4 passengers or more. you will pay $80 dollars and Skybus will drop you at a set location in City however maxi cab may cost $85 to $95 for up to 8 passengers and will drop you right in front of the hotel

Which online cab booking is the best for Melbourne?

All the Uber, Ola and other big taxi companies may display cheaper fare but at the end there are hidden prices like tolls, Surge. However with Maxi Melbourne, we will charge set fare without any hidden costs.

How can I make a complaint about Driver or Taxi?
We have a very simple complaint process. You can call us on 0469 283 466 or email us on bookamaxi@maximelbourne.com.au. Our dispatch will note down the complaint in the complaint register and all the details of the complainant and will get back to you in 7 business days. If the driver is found guilty after the investigation, he may get barred as well from driving with us.

How do you call a taxi in Melbourne

Call 0469 283 466
or Book online by visiting www.maximelbourne.com.au
or Send us a text and we will call you back or whats app us

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