Fleet – At  Maxi Cab Melbourne, we not only deal in maxi cabs we proud ourselves in offering all the travel solutions under one roof. We have taxis, hire cars, minibus, luxury vans and limousines all under one roof. Our drivers are all professionals with lots of experience and knowledge about Melbourne Metro area. Our drivers know  about the landmarks around Melbourne and don’t need to rely on GPS all the time.

Here is a quick snapshot of the type of fleet available to best suit our customer needs.

Maxi Cab Melbourne

Maxi Cab is basically a white or yellow color van accredited by Taxi Service Commission (TSC). These vans are licensed to carry up to 10-11 passengers. This is the most common choice in our fleet by our customers. These maxi cabs are a standard and most basic transportation around Melbourne for people to travel in one group. All the maxi taxis Melbourne are fitted with security cameras for extra safety and have been audited by TSC every year.

Fleet - Maxi Cab Melbourne

Maxi Cab Melbourne

Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne

Wheelchair taxi is basically a white or yellow color van accredited by Taxi Service Commission (TSC). These vans can carry 1 – 2 wheelchairs at the same time and have an automatic ramp for easy lifting of wheelchairs. The drivers are trained specially on how to drive taxi with wheelchairs and how to look after customers. By standard when someone request a maxi cab most likely they get our wheelchair taxi which can also carry 10 passengers at anytime. All the cabs have security cameras fitted for customers safety.

Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne

Wheelchair Taxi Melbourne

Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab

Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab  is a special service run by Maxi Cab Melbourne. We mostly use white vans similar to maxi cab from our fleet but without the wheelchair ramps which gives more room for customers luggage. Drivers are still accredited with the relevant authority and these vehicles are personally maintained by us. most of the maxi vans we use are less than 5 years old which means the best van and at best possible price. This service is a door to door service. Unlike shuttle buses its more like a private van hire with a driver at best price.

Fleet - Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab

Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab

Melbourne Limo Vans

Melbourne Limo Vans is a luxury vans service. We only have Mercedes vans in our fleet for this service. Most of the vans are 7 seaters but rest assured you cannot get more luxurious vans anywhere. Our limo vans are black Mercedes vans driven by chauffeurs.

Fleet - Melbourne Limo Vans

Melbourne Limo Vans

Melbourne Chauffeurs

Melbourne chauffeurs is luxury car service offered by Maxi Cab Melbourne. Most of the cars in our fleet used for this service are hire cars and most of them are long wheelbase cars. The cars in Melbourne chauffeurs are fitted with leather seats to make the journey most comfortable and nice.

Fleet - Melbourne Chauffeurs

Melbourne Chauffeured Cars

Taxi Melbourne Airport

Taxi Melbourne airport is our basic taxi service in our fleet to Melbourne and Avalon airports. This is the mostly an ordinary yellow taxi which can take up to 4 passengers with some carry-on baggage and one big suitcase. These taxis are fitted with price meters and cameras for safety of passengers.

Fleet - Taxi Melbourne Airport

Taxi Melbourne Airport

Silver Class Taxis

Last but not least we have silver class taxis in our fleet also at our customers request. These are mainly chauffeured taxis. These taxis are mostly Mercedes or Holden Caprice or an SUV with extra room for leg space and leather seats. These taxis are also fitted with cameras and accredited by TSC.

Fleet - Silver Service Taxis

Silver Taxi

Melbourne City Tours

We have specialised service for Melbourne tours and travels. We have tours service running every day from Melbourne CBD to all the popular sight seeing destinations around Melbourne.

Why Maxi Cab Melbourne

  • All of our drivers in our fleet are accredited with Taxi Service commission or some Government Authority.
  • We keep our drivers trained and informed about the events in Melbourne.
  • We also have Melbourne Tour services which covers all the sight seeing places around Melbourne
  • We are a one stop shop for all travel needs
  • We cover almost 97% of Melbourne area.
  • We confirm most of the jobs on a short notice as well.
  • All drivers in our fleet are courteous and professionals.
  • All cars in our fleet are washed and cleaned daily.
  • Our drivers can suggest out customers about the shortest trips and time when to leave for airport.
  • Our drivers ensure our customers feel safe when they are traveling with us.

Service Areas

We cover full Melbourne area and all surrounding suburbs around Melbourne. Here are the number of locations where we have our presence to assist our customers in providing excellent customer service. We assure 15 minutes service in these areas.

  1. Maxi Cab Melbourne CBD
  2. Maxi Cab Docklands
  3. Maxi Cab Southbank
  4. Maxi Cab St Kilda
  5. Maxi Cab South Yarra
  6. Maxi Cab Brighton
  7. Maxi Cab Caulfield
  8. Maxi Cab Rowville
  9. Maxi Cab Cranbourne
  10. Maxi Cab Ringwood
  11. Maxi Cab Doncaster
  12. Maxi Cab Templestowe
  13. Maxi Cab Corydon
  14. Maxi Cab Glen Waverley
  15. Maxi Cab Chadstone
  16. Maxi Cab Tarneit

Any Questions about our Maxi Cab Fleet ?

If you still have any questions like which car would be good or how much luggage will fit in a sedan or any other car. You can always give us a call and our friendly staff can help you solve all these unanswered questions.  You can also send us a message on Facebook and we are only a click away.

To find out what’s happening in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city where so many great events take place. Australian Open, Grand Prix or Cricket are just some of the main events which take place. For more information about events happening in Melbourne full year. Please visit Melbourne webpage at: Whats on Melbourne

Still have some questions unanswered?

Why not send us an email at bookamaxi@maximelbourne.com.au or call us on 0469 283 466. Our friendly staff will try to answer all the questions or will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also like us on Facebook or Twitter.

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