Fruit Picking Tours

Fruit Picking Tours – What better way to travel around Melbourne than to make your day through the best fruit picking and tasting tours Melbourne has to offer.

The Cherry Hill Orchards

In our fruit picking tours, the cherry hill orhcards is the most popular destination. If you are traveling between mid November to early January the Yarra Valley orchard will be your ideal destination. These cherry filled grounds are located one hour away from Melbourne CBD. It is Australia’s largest cherry picking and it opens its doers to cherry enthusiasts across Melbourne around Mid November, giving them the opportunity to pick and eat their delectable fresh cherries. The Cherry picking is open all day during the cherry season and there are also facilities available to accommodate afternoon picnics around  their cherry Orchard . Cherry Hill also offers custom drinks, ice creams all made from their fresh cherries. Tickets for entry into the Orchard are sold online and these will guarantee entry and a massive selection of cherries.

Maxi cabs offers fruit picking transport by picking up groups from their hotel/accomodation and driving them through a scenic route to arrive at the Cherry Hill Orchards in Yarra Valley. The Orchard itself provides in-house transportation that will shuttle you through the cherry trees to ensure you experience the vastness of their cherry farm.

Fruit Picking Tours - Cherry Hill

The Sunny Ridge Farm

If cherries aren’t your cup of tea maybe strawberry picking would be a better choice. Maxi cabs offers tours across Melbourne from the vast Dandenong ranges to the heights of the great ocean road, if there is fruit picking we can take you there. In our fruit picking tours, the second most popular fruit picking tour is of The Sunny ridge farm. It is located in Mornington peninsula is one of Melbourne’s most loved Berry Picking facility. The farm which has been open for over 50 years has become one of the most popular strawberry picking farms here in Melbourne. Sunny ridge farms fruits include strawberries,blueberries,blackberries and raspberries on their selection based on the specific season for each berry. The farm is open all day (9-5) during their peak season which is between November to April. The first fruit ripen in November and that is when they start getting a lot of berry eating visitors.The strawberry picking is an activity that is open to families, couples , large groups or for individuals looking to spend a day in the out doors. There is an entry fee and this is inclusive of 500gm(adults) of strawberries that you as the picker can take home.

Fruit Picking Tours - Sunny Ridge

Maxi Cabs offered a variety of transport options to take our customers to this large strawberry farm.

Rayners Orchard

In our fruit picking tours, Rayners Orchard is the last destination of fruit picking. It offers a wider variety of fruits with more than 450 different fruits which include nectarines,plums,apricots ,kiwi fruit ,peaches and many more. The Rayners Orchard offers tractor tasting tours which drive you through their hard allowing you to pick juicy fruit fresh from the tree. There is nothing better than fresh fruit in the warmth of the Melbourne sun. The Orchard also has a farm shop for fresh fry purchases, function rooms and a café . The Orchards offers their fruit tasting tours that take their customers through their large Orchard to give them the chance to taste their way through the massive variety of fruits before they decide on picking .

Fruit Picking Tours - Rayners Orchard

It doesn’t matter how large your group is Maxi Cabs services will bring you to the Rayners Orchard doors .

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