Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne? This is the question everyone  wants to find the answer for?

Lets dive straight in and make it very clear for all the customers who are interested in finding this out. The taxis we refer in this article are the taxis in our fleet.

Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?
Is Uber better than Taxis in Melbourne?

Positive points of Uber:

  1. Private Car

Lets elaborate these points a little:

  1. Mostly Cheap: Most of the time ubers are a little cheaper than taxis in Melbourne.
  2. Private Car: Most of the ubers are private cars of individuals driving them.

Positive points of Taxis in Melbourne:

  1. Extra Security
  2. More availability
  3. Price is stable/flat
  4. Experienced Drivers
  5. Easier for infants and Kids (Baby seat requirement)

Lets look into these points a little:

  1. Extra Security: Every single taxi in Melbourne is fitted with a camera. Having a camera means every single move of the customer is recorded. This works as a big positive point for drivers and passengers both.
  2. More availability: Ubers are less available in certain areas at certain times. I am not sure about someone else but from my personal experience, if I try to book an uber for a certain time in future of 30 mins. It just fails and never gives me any reason. This was the biggest point which turned me towards taxis again.
  3. Price is stable/flat: Uber is cheap but whenever surge happens in Uber, Same price jumps up twice or even more in Uber. However its not the case in taxis and the price stays the same.
  4. Experienced Drivers: Most of the drivers are experience hand and are professionals. Gone are the days when your taxi will be dirty or driver is looking shabby. Nowadays all the taxis are giving tough competition in regards to cleanliness. Most of the taxis in out fleet are Mercedes E class which doesn’t charge any extra money.
  5. Easier for infants and Kids (Baby seat requirement):

    In taxis:

    • children aged under 1 year must travel in the back seat, but do not have to use a child restraint
    • children aged 1 year and over must be in their own seat, with their own properly fastened seatbelt if there is no child restraint or booster seat available

    In Victoria, taxis do not have to provide child restraints or booster seats for customers. However, they must have at least one anchorage point if passengers want to bring their own child restraint.*

    However you cant travel in Uber without a baby/ car seat for infants.

    *Source: VicRoads Website

    Verdict: Its very clear and obvious that taxis are a much better choice than Ubers in Melbourne.

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