Maxi Cab Ringwood

Looking for a hassle-free ride in Ringwood? We have got your back! We understand how difficult it is to deal with parking or waiting for public transport. That’s where we come in – your go- to maxi cab service, here to make your life a whole lot easier.

We assure you comfortable ride

So, what’s awesome about Maxi Cab in Ringwood? Well, first off, we have got the comfiest cabs. Our seats are soft and extremely smooth. Plus, we have got room for you and all your buddies – no more squeezing into tiny cars. And guess what? We’re available 24/7. That’s right, whether it’s a midnight snack run, an early morning flight, or a spontaneous weekend adventure, we have got your transportation covered round the clock.

Booking a ride with us is a breeze!

You can do it online, give us a ring, or even use our website. Discuss your travel requirements with our customer service agents and they will guide you on your booking process.We offer transparent pricing structure according to your requirements. There’s no hidden pricing when you book your ride with us.

Travel with Professional Drivers

Your drivers are your friendly guides to all things Ringwood? Need a restaurant recommendation? Want to know the best places to explore? They have got your back. Think of them as your local insiders, always ready to make your journey a memorable one.

What Sets us apart?

First things first, we’re not your ordinary cab service. Our maxi cabs offer  all those extra inches of legroom, the luxury of space, and a ride that feels like a cozy home on wheels. Picture this: you and your friends, or your family, comfortably seated in a spacious cab, chatting away without feeling cramped. That’s the experience for you – where comfort meets convenience.

So, waste time no more. Get your ride booked with us as soon as your flight tickets are booked.

So, why stress about transportation when you can roll with Maxi Cab Ringwood? We’re not just a cab service; we’re your travel buddies, here to make your rides comfy, convenient, and downright enjoyable. Ready to hit the road? We sure are! Let’s roll! 🚖✨

Maxi Cab is a service run by locals residing in Ringwood and close-by suburbs like Vermont. Ringwood is located at 26 km from Melbourne CBD. Ringwood is home to some very quality primary and secondary schools.
our maxi cab service Vermont, Ringwood and other adjacent suburbs.

Ringwood has very good road connectivity like Maroondah Highway, East Link and a few other highways.

Areas We Cover

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Maxi Cab Ringwood

Maxi Cab Ringwood
Ringwood, VIC-3134, AU
0469 283 466

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Rating: 5 stars

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Open 24/7

FAQ - MAXI CAB Ringwood

  • How far is Ringwood from Melbourne Airport?

    Ringwood is approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Melbourne Airport when using Maxi Cab Melbourne for transportation.

  • How much does a Ringwood to Melbourne Airport cost?

    The cost for a Maxi Cab Melbourne ride from Ringwood to Melbourne Airport typically ranges from $90 to $110.

  • How far is Ringwood from Melbourne CBD?

    Ringwood is roughly 25 kilometers (16 miles) from Melbourne CBD when using Maxi Cab Melbourne for transportation.

  • How much does a Ringwood to Melbourne CBD cost?

    A trip from Ringwood to Melbourne CBD with Maxi Cab Melbourne generally costs between $70 and $90.

  • Are you available 24 hours in Ringwood?

    Yes, Maxi Cab Melbourne operates 24 hours a day, ensuring continuous service availability in Ringwood.

  • Is your Maxi Cab service available in Ringwood at weekends and public holidays?

    Maxi Cab Melbourne's services are available in Ringwood on weekends and public holidays, providing transportation options on those days.

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