Melbourne City Tours

Melbourne City Tours

Melbourne City ToursMelbourne Maxi Taxi proudly provides tours of this Iconic city of Melbourne. Melbourne is the most livable city in Australia. The eccentric city is always filled with tourists looking to experience one of the worlds best attractions. The vibrant city is always buzzing with life, art and sound exhibiting the unique diverse characteristic of the city.

The city is home to a large number of historic landmarks that have been the key in setting Melbourne apart from other cities in Australia.One of the most iconic landmarks in the city of Melbourne is the Flinders Street station.The large vintage style station sits along Flinders street right in the heart of the city funneling large crowds through its acclaimed train station. The station has been standing in the center of Melbourne city since 1910 and it has become one of the most pinnacle buildings in Melbourne .

Our Melbourne City Tours starts with Federation Square which lies right across the road from the iconic train station and it is the venue for all things art, culture ,tourism and more. It is the hub for all information pertaining to the city of Melbourne helping countless tourists guide their way through the beautiful city.There is always something going on at The a Federation square from spectacular annual events to small tailored group tours so no matter what time of the year you choose to visit Melbourne ,there will always be something new to discover.

Federation Square - Melbourne City Tours
Federation Square

For Art, culture & entertainment

Melbourne City tours provided by Melbourne Maxi Taxi will take you from your hotel and will guide you through one of the most artistic cities  in the world. Melbourne has various events and activities that exhibit the diversity of cultures within the city. A visit to the Queen Victoria market which is located along Elizabeth street in the CBD . The market is saturated with fresh food, quality clothes, activities and cafes. The Market is open everyday of the week from Monday -Saturday and entry is free of charge. The city is also home to a myriad of historic and artistic display and these can be seen when visiting the Melbourne museum,  immigration museum and the National gallery of Victoria . If you are looking to experience the Melbourne art scene on the streets it is best to pass through the famous Hozier lane. A small lane that has become a canvas of some of the best street art, depicting a mosaic of creative genius.

Queen Victoria Market-Melbourne City Tours
Queen Victoria Market

For the scenic route

Melbourne Maxi Taxi has flexible services that can guide you from point to point to show you Melbourne from different vantage points. The best place to start would be the Eureka tower which is located in the Southbank are, stretches over 290 meters to overlook over the city of Melbourne.The majestic building will give you a 360 view of the city which is an experience one will not soon forget.

Eureka Skydeck-Melbourne City Tours
Eureka Skydeck

If heights aren’t of interest maybe a visit  to the local beach at St Kilda will be more appealing .

St Kilda Beach - Melbourne City Tours
St Kilda Beach

The beach is located near Luna Park a small theme park and there are a number of restaurants in the surrounding areas.

Luna Park-Melbourne City Tours
Luna Park

There are plenty of things to be seen in the city of Melbourne from the Yarra river that runs across the city to the cities botanical gardens. Our maxi taxi service will also be able to take you around to the docklands are where you will be able to catch a ride on the Melbourne star which is a large Ferris wheel that overlooks the city.

Melbourne Maxi Taxi can cater to any group needs and they will ensure that you see all the city of Melbourne has to offer.

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