Peninsula Hot Springs Tours

Peninsula Hot Springs Tours

Peninsula Hot Springs Tours – The peninsula hot springs tours offers a tranquil experience with their spa and wellbeing treatments and activities. The region prides itself in its use of natural mineral waters to provide a calming get away from the busyness of the city.

peninsula Hot Springs ToursThe Peninsula hot springs are located in Mornington which is about an hour away from the Melbourne CBD. This award winning facility has recently been awarded at the world luxury spa awards and at the Victorian tourism awards making the peninsula hot springs  tours as one of the most sought after destinations in Victoria .

Melbourne Maxi Cab provides travel services that will allow groups and/or individuals to experience the natural geothermal waters of the hot springs. The springs are located in a natural oasis surrounded by breathtaking agriculture and forestry.

Activities at Mornington Hot Springs

The Mornington hot springs offers various activities and treatments that will indulge and nourish the body and mind. The bath house of the facility offers a unique bathing experience in the thermal and cold  pools. There is an ice cave and cold plunge pools that provide hot and cold therapy to soothe and strengthen muscles. The facility also offers family bathing pools ,barrel baths with a view and private bathing areas that will create a more intimate experience.The sessions are sure to liven up the senses and to provide a sense of calm and serenity by immersing customers in minerals, essential oils lavender milk and more. There are different packages on offer and a wide selection of treatments to choose from.

The Peninsula Hot Springs Tours experience will not be complete without a visitor to their spa facilities. They offer treatments and balancing therapies that will nourish the skin an rejuvenate the body. Offering a selection of massages , facial treatment and body therapies that include exfoliation and mud wraps.

There are restaurants available in and around the hot springs area. The Peninsula hot springs has its own in house dining options which include outdoor bath café, spa café, a designated picnic area and tailored dining packages. The dining and refreshments will stimulate the taste buds whilst you sit outside admiring the spectacular view. With Peninsula Hot Springs Tours provided by Melbourne Maxi Cab customers can customize their restaurant stops to accommodate their tastes . The transport services are flexible enough to incorporate any additional stops or activities and these special requests can be made upon booking.

On Peninsula Hot Springs tours, Melbourne Maxi Cab will provide transport from any point of pick up to the acclaimed Peninsula hot springs.The day will start at any time as requested by the customer and the trip will be tailored to suite the appointments or set of activities to be completed. A scenic drive from Melbourne, through the valleys and natural landmarks of Mornington will lead you to the hot springs. The taxi services will be tailored to suit the group or individual and their needs. There are maxi Cabs available for large corporate groups, social groups and individuals. A visit to the peninsula hot springs is open to everyone and is a suitable day out for the entire family.

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