What is the cheapest taxi service in Melbourne Australia?

What is the cheapest taxi service in Melbourne Australia?

Cheapest taxi service doesn’t always mean the best taxi service. In Melbourne Victoria nowadays, we have almost 100 odd taxi companies and finding the best one is the hardest task.

Most of the time cheapest taxi service doesn’t mean the best and best doesn’t mean the cheapest.

Maxi Melbourne proud itself in being the best  taxi service in Melbourne. We have a large fleet of vehicles. In our fleet, we have taxis, maxi cabs, 7 seat vans, Mercedes Vans, Buses and wheelchair accessible taxis.

Cheapest Taxi Service
Maxi Cab Melbourne

Maxi Cab Melbourne has 2 types of maxi cabs. First type of maxi cabs are the taxi and maxi cab taxis which are wheelchair fitted and can fit sometimes 1 and sometimes 2 wheelchairs. Second type of maxi cabs are special airport cabs which has no wheelchair ramps but are very spacious and can easily fit 8 adults and 16 medium size suitcases.

At Maxi Cab Melbourne, we have maxi cabs with 10 seats and 11 seats. Most of the companies in Melbourne only have 10 seats but Maxi Melbourne has a large range of 11 seat cabs.

Cheapest Taxi service doesn’t always means sacrificing the quality. Most of the services offered by us are pretty cheap but some services might not be cheap but our services are customized according to customer needs.

Maxi Cab Melbourne has the cheapest taxi service and most of the time when its not  the cheapest. It might not be cheap sometimes but it all depends on the location and time and place but est assured it will be the best taxi service customers will receive.

Maxi Cab Melbourne also has airport cab service known as Melbourne Airport Maxi Cab

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