Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne

Tulip Festival Melbourne

Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne is held in Silvan Victoria every year during spring time since 1954. It is also called as Tulip Festival. In Tulip Festival there are 120 varieties of tulips over a 55-acre farm. Historically speaking this tulip festival initiated by a dutch couple.

This year Tulip festival Melbourne is happening from 14th September to 13th October 2019. More than 900000 tulips are on display in the festival. Every weekend in Tulip festival is a special one. One of the weekend is Turkish weekend and next one is Dutch weekend and one after is Irish weekend. In  between the weekends there are weeks, which are sometimes classified as child week and next wine week. Every day of the festival is special and has some festivities.

Tulip Festival Melbourne
Tulip Festival Melbourne


Tesselaar Tulip Festival tickets cost $29 for adults, $25 for concession and all the children under 16 are free. Customers can buy tickets from here

Geting to Tesselaar Tulip Festival Melbourne

The best way to get here is to enjoy the scenic drive through Dandenong Ranges to Tesselaar Flower farm. Maxi Cab Melbourne has lots of taxis going to the festival on a regular basis. The best of the drive is customers get to enjoy the scenery without worrying about the destination. All prices of taxis and maxi cabs to the festival are flat fees prices which works out to be lot cheaper than coming out on meter.

How to Book a taxi to Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Its very simple, You can call us on 0469 283 466 or Book Online now. We have special prices worked out for Tulip Festival.

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