Yarra Valley Winery Tours

Yarra Valley Winery Tours – The Yarra valley winery tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Melbourne. The region is located east of Melbourne and  is a short hours drive to arrive at the popular destination. The area is known for its vast natural features which include mountain ranges, stretches of forestry but it is mostly known for its wine industry. The Yarra valley holds over 50 wineries and over 100 vineyards that have spent years refining their wine making techniques to ensure that they produce authentic, high quality wine and beer.

Melbourne Maxi cab offers one of the best winery tours around Yarra Valley. Yarra Valley holds some of Australia’s award winning wineries and vineyards that carry signature wine and beer. The region is famous for its production of Chardonnay, sparkling wine and Pinot noir and these quality products have put the Yarra Valley Wine region on the map. Here is some information on some of the wineries found in the heart of the Yarra Valley region.

Acacia Ridge Vineyard

Acacia Ridge Vineyard has been running for over 40 years and has achieved several awards for their wine. This rustic winery opens its doors to allow wine connoisseurs to taste their distinctive wine.The vineyard is also open for special events and tours. Melbourne Maxi Cab takes bookings customised to Acacia Ridge Vineyard.

Acacia Ridge - Yarra Valley Winery Tours

Badgers Brook Estate

Badger’s Brook Estate vineyard is located along Maroondah highway in Yarra Valley. This family owned winery specialised in making the  wine products that have made the Yarra Valley wine region famous. The winery is open five days a week opening its doors to enthusiasts who are looking to taste their way through the magnificent wine region. All the wines are bailable for purchase and there is plenty of outdoor areas to sit and enjoy the wine under the warmth of the sun. Melbourne Maxi Cab offers maxi Cabs for weddings to/from winery.

Badgers Brook Estate - Yarra Valley Winery Tours

Fergusson Winery and restaurant

There is no better combination than food and wine. Indulge in gourmet food whilst sipping on the best wine Fergusson Winery has to offer. The vineyard offers delectable food at their in house restaurant and they also open their cellar doors for wine tasting activities. Melbourne Maxi cab offers stopover at restaurant while customers are visiting wineries.

Ferguson Winery Restaurant - Yarra Valley Winery Tours

Our Yarra Valley winery tours can be customized according to the needs of the client. Melbourne Maxi Cab offers transport in between wineries and vineyards from your designated hotel. The cars will pick your group up and will take you down a tailored route through chosen wine estates to ensure you experience the best Yarra Valley has to offer. The transport services we offer will allow the customer to eat, drink and taste their way through the majestic Yarra Valley region without having to worry about driving. The drivers will also provide information and knowledge on the best wineries to visit and they will provide you with options on some of  the activities available within the region. Melbourne Maxi Cab has accessible points for wheelchairs, strollers or any other special needs mobility units. The Yarra Valley winery tours can be tailored to suit your tastes and it can be limited to a small selection of wineries or open to a large variety of wineries. The option will be up to the customer and their group.

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